The piece, aptly named Flower Bomber, first appeared on a Jerusalem car dealership’s wall situated along the 760-kilometer border that separates Israel from Palestine. Banksy depicts a masked protester reminiscent of the worldwide protests that erupted in 1968 due to corrupt bureaucratic elites and escalated political repression. Yet, where one would expect a molotov cocktail or grenade lies a bouquet of flowers. The imagery immediately acts as a call to action and even rebellion, yet the addition of the jarring yet alluring bouquet of daisies grounds it within a sense of generosity, pacificity, and humanity. Banksy’s revolution is not one born out of spite but one molded out of a universal love that transcends race, borders, and faiths. This particular piece was made by MEDICOM, a Japanese toy brand and manufacturer, and Brandalism, an anti-advertising movement based in London, for MEDICOM’s 2nd Anniversary.