In 1947, Jackson Pollock began dripping, painting, splashing, and smearing as a means of painting and creating art. At the time, many saw the practice as complete lunacy, void of any of the qualities often found in a work of art, let alone a masterpiece. Despite this, Pollock gained a small yet firm group of followers who saw his work as not only a novelty but as a breath of fresh air, full of eclectic potential that would soon take the art world by storm. This notion proved to be correct as Pollock remains one of the most recognizable names in art, with his signature technique still being used, studied, and analyzed to this day. As a young artist, Pollock drew inspiration from mythology and the pioneering works of Jungian psychology. Thus, his paintings often featured abstracted versions of ancient deities or gods, but also practiced automatism or the practice of drawing upon the inner sanctums of the unconscious mind. His works were then described as having archaic, tribal, or elemental characteristics. But as time went on, Pollock began veering away from focus on Jungian mythos as he explored the potential of pure, primal, and abstract energy. Gone was the narrativity inherent in his earlier works. Instead, we see Pollock’s astute yet energetic use of layering in his chaotic drips, splatters, and smears. But his works were planned erratically. As a precursor to his artistic ritual, Pollock carefully studied the amount of material to be, the kind of paint to be mixed, and the motion in which to apply them. For Pollock, there is a method to his madness and a pedagogy to an uncouth void. But, Pollock was still met with a slew of critics, calling his work childlike or juvenile at best. It was the art critic Clement Greenberg who solidified Pollock’s place in the annals of the artistic canon by claiming Pollock’s work as the logical endpoint of art’s journey since the advent of Modernism. This Jackson Pollock edition of the 1000% size figurine is a limited edition version made in collaboration with the PollockKrasner House.