Provenance: Provenance: Private Collection, Madrid, Spain


Throughout his artistic life, Romeo Tabuena was in touch with his Filipino roots. Local imagery of cultural themes pervade his works, from carabaos and stilt houses to the rural folk, rendered with a distinct style influenced by Cubism and Chinese vertical paintings. This painting of a barrio scene is made more powerful and visually impactful with the Philippine flag as a background. Tabuena’s groundbreaking works in general are beautiful, poetic depictions of the Filipino rural life. He has elevated Filipino consciousness in his significant contributions to the evolution of Philippine art. Always honoring the country with his art, Tabuena’s rendering of local motifs reflects his stylistic shifts as he refined his craft. Figures are depicted in archetypal poses and resilience is captured in structural depth. His works are exhibited in museums in the country and abroad and won awards. In San Miguel de Allende, Mexico—where he lived an artist life for decades—the Galeria Nudo features Tabuena’s fine art and is responsible for showing his private collection worldwide.