Provenance: Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner


Since the 1970s, Cebuano artist Romulo Galicano has produced tonal paintings and atmospheric landscape and seascape scenes of Cebu and Pangasinan. One can see that his heart is in the province. This painting, for instance, gives off an essence of timelessness and universality in relatability with its snapshot-quality, brilliantly captured subject matter. The detailed trees and grass and the light-and-shade effect add to the idyllic mood, all in all making this painting a beautiful rendition of the everyday life in the rural setting. It showcases Galicano’s photorealistic aesthetic and his mastery of capturing the elegance of the countryside. More than this masterful encapsulation in full detail, this veteran artist believes that art contributes to the development of our collective memory as a people. Along with rendering the rich geographic features of the country, he consciously immortalizes defining moments of Philippine history. His works have awed, moved, and uplifted the Filipino spirit.