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Artist and art critic Cid Reyes noted in his Inquirer piece that “in our cacophonous midst there are still artists who recognize the imperative of silence, from whose works we are able to seek and find solace.” Abstractionist Florencio Concepcion is one of the artists he noted whose serene works are, to this day, receiving his “just measure of appreciation.” Emerging with his abstractions in the midSixties, mostly oil-on-canvas paintings, his command in color and attention to spatial depth emanate from his fine-tuned techniques, also evident in Symphony that evokes a sense of serenity. S.A. Pilar, another revered art critic, also took note of his deep sense of harmony or tonal contrast and the use of the texture of his medium to evoke spatial depth. The first dean of the school of fine arts of the University of the East, the late artist has received praise and acknowledgment for his contributions as a mentor, deeply influencing artists such as Augusto Albor, Romulo Galicano, and Lao Lianben. Concepcion instilled in his students the value of learning the basics of drawing and painting and constant practice, as he is also a master of figure drawing and watercolor painting.