Provenance: Provenance: 1335 Mabini, Manila


The acclaimed visual artist Marina Cruz has always been fascinated by the allure of everyday objects. For Cruz, the physicality of the object is but a mere reflection of its inherent meaning. Yet these meanings are often forgotten or taken for granted given our often apathetic attitude towards objects. Thus, Cruz’s work attempts to refresh our memory by showing how objects themselves exude a sense of meaning and memory that reflects the actuality of our perceived reality. In this piece, Marina explores the intimacy that is inherent to fabric and articles of clothing. The dress, though immaculately complemented by Cruz’s masterful balance of light and shadow, is shown to have signs of use. From its lightly tufted hems, to its unkempt collar, to the semi-ironed bodice, the little nuances found within the white dress points towards a shared feeling of nostalgia. Thus, for Marina Cruz every object is a story yet to be explored.