Exhibited: Exhibited: Onerrific Timepiece, centerpiece exhibition of Art Fair Philippines 2017, The Link, Ayala Center, Makati. February 16 - 19, 2017.


There is a meditative yet robust appeal of striking calmness inherent in the monumental works of contemporary visual artist Marc Aran Reyes. In the process of creation, Reyes seemingly uses a dialectical methodology to properly and practically express the inner recesses of his mind. His main thesis starts out as a concept born out of an immaterial void whose shape takes on the relentless gusto of human nature. Yet this untapped and pure abstraction is merely a potentiality for Reyes. By negating his primary concept, he tempers it through the forges of emotion, experience, and practicality, making sure the work correctly and succinctly captures the breadth of the human condition. Through his creation, Reyes shows us the purity and universality of space and silence by depicting it through its opposite characteristics: that of size and monumentality. His works howl into the abyss through a discrete yet directed whisper. His stalwart commitment to his impeccable and unflinching aesthetic has solidified him as one of the seminal voices in the contemporary Filipino art scene.