Leon Gallery wishes to thank Mr. Lao Lianben for confirming the authenticity of this lot

Provenance: Provenance: Private Collection, Manila


Abstractionist Lao Lianben is often inspired by poetry and words, visually interpreting concepts out of it and translating its meaning onto the canvas. His exhibit and artwork titles are also noted by viewers upon approaching his art to grasp its conveyed meanings. His works are minimalist in composition yet evocative with its unique textures and patterns. Lao’s elegant brush strokes, moreover, are influenced by Chinese calligraphy. His paintings display both Chinese and western techniques. Art collectors and enthusiasts find his works poetic and Zen-like—invitations to intimate moments of silence and meditation. Those who are into inner-space contemplation are usually drawn to his works that have graced various spaces and private collections. This painting is named after his original 1976 Art Association of the Philippines Art Competition award-winning piece Tryst. The word tryst means “an agreement to meet” or “an appointed meeting”; Tryst 7 is one of his captivating works with a sense of inner settling, a product of painting from within. Meditative and philosophical, it leads the viewer to embrace stillness in the course of arriving at one’s self. Depth of feeling is achieved through his mindful, sophisticated brush strokes, muted color, and spare details. Lao’s art also leads one to a reflection of personal truths. Many would say that his paintings quiet the soul. For more than forty years, Lao has been creating textured monochromatic works of insight and tranquility. His refined aesthetic of Oriental inspiration and the serene feel of his paintings make him considered a master of non-representative art who continues to manipulate aesthetic considerations with introspective command.