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Born in 1943, Raul Isidro is considered an art guru of Philippine contemporary art. Prolific and innovative, Isidro continues in exploring and venturing into the use of experimental media. For more than fifty years, he has made exceptional representational works, but he is best known as an abstractionist whose paintings reflect the topography of his hometown, Calbayog City. He has also won several awards in painting, sculpture, and printmaking as a student in 1963 and later on as a professional. In 1965, he went to Manila to study fine arts at the University of Santo Tomas, where he was taught Modernism by great mentors such as National Artist Victorio Edades and Angelito Antonio. His works, like Gray September, are influenced by the changing mood of the earth and the environment. His abstractions are rooted in past experiences, capturing the elements’ sense of movement and color.