Provenance: Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist by the present owner


Enriquez’s paintings of colorful domestic interiors recall the Post Impressionist works of artists such as Pierre Bonnard and Henri Matisse. Unlike these “modern masters” however, there are decidedly no people inhabiting these spaces of domesticity, rendering them fetishized images belonging to a realm of idealized and decorative “magazine” beauty than any real spaces of habitation. It was arguably Enriquez who helped popularize the colorful Expressionist style within the canon of Philippine Visual Art. She filled her canvases with vignettes of images that look like scenes of places or events juxtaposed side by side almost like a “quilt” of images that are used to tell a story. Interiors of houses and still life painted in her thick Expressionistic brush strokes are also subjects “Keka” is known for. She is also popular for works with her mentor in UP Fine Arts, Roberto Chabet, who was one of the pioneers of conceptual art in the Philippines.