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“Wrapping art” is a modern sculpture concept that is showcased in BulgarianAmerican artist Christo Javacheff’s ambitious works of objects that are wrapped in concealment, two of which are the wrapping of the Pont Neuf, Paris in 1985 and the Reichstag, Berlin from 1971 to 1995. This is noted by art critic Cid Reyes in his write-up on celebrated Filipino artist Dino Gabito as he described Gabito’s “obsessive and transfiguring attraction with the art of drapery.” The influence of Javacheff can be seen in Gabito’s use of the shroud, a length of cloth used for wrapping a lifeless body, as a drape to keep the subject out of sight. One can also trace the history of drapery in Greek art with the soft contours hugging or clinging to the body as well as famous artists through the centuries like Leonardo da Vinci who made drawings and paintings of draped figures and Raphael whose drapery, noted by Reyes, was “the assistant of character.”