Accompanied by a certificate issued by
Don Rafael Pérez-Madero confirming the authenticity of this lot

Literature: Paras-Perez, Rod. Fernando Zóbel. Eugenio Lopez Foundation, Inc. Manila. 1990. p. 105


One cannot examine modern art in the Philippines without the mention of Zóbel, whose art not only helped shape modernism in the country but also impacted a whole generation of artists. As an artist, Zóbel's creations from the mid-sixties through the seventies had featured his distinctive abstract approach. Though Zóbel is often revered for his sparse and monochrome abstract works with his iconic series titled ‘Serie Negra’ (Black Series), Zóbel also worked and experimented with color. Despite Zóbel veering away from color in his later pieces, the artist still created alluring works of art that featured the use of color. Zóbel created his own means of coloration by understanding both the context and power that color contains and communicates. This particular philosophy is embodied in this oil on canvas piece. Subtle yet engaging, Zóbel's provides us a familiar scene that is akin to a picturesque landscape or seascape. His subdued palette is meticulously layered as a way of giving off a memory that is both divorced yet entangled within our subconscious. This juxtaposition of pure abstraction and reality is undoubtedly what makes Zóbel's piece a timeless work of art.