dated 1973 (verso)" /> dated 1973 (verso)">

Accompanied by a certificate issued by
The Comité Vitalis confirming the authenticity of this lot


Macario Vitalis’ earlier works display his Cubist tendencies before returning to an abstract style influenced by his penchant for an impressionistpointillist style. With a color sensibility and scheme influenced by French Post-Impressionism, Vitalis was a master of painting abstract landscapes, seascapes, and figurative works. His distinctive use of pointillism marked by short yet clearly defined staccato strokes captures the dynamism of his subjects. In this piece, Vitalis takes on Paul Signac’s pointillist approach where divisionism techniques allow the partition of hues, allowing them to blend naturally. Vitalis brought to the surface sublime radiance executed through spontaneous brushstrokes in which pigment dots are painted into the canvas without prior blending on a palette. His abstract approach allowed his pointillist styles to be accentuated, where his color preference set out the overall mood of the composition. In his landscapes, Vitalis gives equal importance to the whole canvas; no element does not actively engage in the entirety of the composition. For Vitalis, nature serves as a perpetual inspiration for an artist, and this work is where his unbridled optimism is affixed.