Provenance: Acquired directly from the artist


As a true bastion of the contemporary Filipino art scene, Ronald Ventura is constantly shaking things up by combining traditional techniques with contemporary dispositions in order to produce truly groundbreaking masterpieces. In this piece entitled Cage Ventura subverts the traditional canon of classical art by imbuing his elements with the essence of contemporary subjectivity. Ventura undoubtedly utilizes the Rococo style in order to suffuse his pieces with a sense of hyperrealism, but foregoes the usual elements of the tradition such as Surreal Juxtaposition scenes of love, nature, and amorous encounters. Instead, his delicate and soft images are contrasted with darkly humorous yet profound details. By doing so, Ventura subverts the classical mode of painting by reinventing its foundation, effectively rendering its timeless allure with a sense of urgency and timeliness. Ventura’s work, through its synthesis of traditional and contemporary techniques, can be seen as a pioneering achievement that marks the necessary progression of art for the current era.