Provenance: : Private Collection, Cebu City


Augusto Albor creates his abstracts with layers upon layers, via overlays and underlays, pouring color over color. His works are reflections on the metaphysical, depicting tension and calmness in one composition such as his 1999 work Ethereal Geometry (7). Critic Cid Reyes noted that Albor “regards his paintings as emanations of his conviction and concepts.” His works evoke profound quietude, leading the viewer into an attentive and contemplative state. The late CCP curator Raymundo Albano also described Albor during his early artist phase as preoccupied with articulating a surface of great attentiveness while directed towards the metaphysical. No wonder, on this featured masterpiece, the subtleties of texture and light are treated with his distinct concentration upon pursuance of an imagined image as he visualizes elements that fill ethereal regions of space. One is directed into an expression of transition, impermanence, and spirituality. As what the artist shared in an interview with PhilStar Global, “You don’t have to limit yourself,” quips Gus. “It’s a neverending journey of exploration and experimentation.”