The Kingly Treasures Auction 2019

November 30,2019 | 02:00 PM
G/F Eurovilla 1, Rufino corner Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City, Philippines



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Napoleon Abueva (1930 - 2018)

Untitled signed and dated 1977


5"x 19" x 10" (13 cm x 48 cm x 25 cm) 

PHP 40,000

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Provenance: Eda Grande Collection

With this minimalist slab of sculptural mastery, Abueva conjures a monumental sense of streamlined power without loss or compromise of the early nobility, subtlety, or the innate qualities of the surface of the wood. Monumentality is not at odds with reduced dimensions. As Henry Moore once noted, a huge sculpture “might be several times over life-size and yet be petty and small in feeling, and a small carving only a few inches in height can give the feeling of huge size and monumental grandeur because the vision behind it is big.”

As the pioneering modernist in sculpture, Napoleon Abueva is no stranger to the challenge of creating from wood. His work is characterized by a strong sense of form and material, by flexibility and invention, and by a fertile imagination, by turns whimsical and literary.

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