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Lee Aguinaldo  (1933 - 2007)

Family No. 2
signed and dated 1979 - 1984 (lower right)
transfer drawing, pencil, acrulic molding paste, paper on plywood
19” x 21 1/2” (48 cm x 55 cm)

PHP 300,000

Metro Manila

Considered a pioneer of Philippine modernism, Lee
Aguinaldo comes from a family of entrepreneurs
related to Emilio Aguinaldo, a military leader, and
politician who is considered to be the first President of the
Philippines. From a young age, Lee showed an inclination
towards the arts and resisted the expectation to eventually
take over the management of the Aguinaldo family business.
After attending the United States military academy and
briefly working for his father’s company, he became
enamored with the development of American modern art.
His art developed in an eclectic sequence, defying any linear
progression, as influenced by the works of Jackson Pollock, Mark
Rothko, Ad Reinhard, and Robert Rauschenberg
In the local setting, Aguinaldo had close ties with Arturo Luz,
Roberto Chabet, and Fernando Zobel who served as his mentor.
This piece entitled Family No.2 is unique in the sense that it
cannot be placed under Aguinaldo’s typical canonical style of
abstract expressionism.

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