The Kingly Treasures Auction 2014

December 29,2014 | 02:00 PM
G/F Eurovilla 1, Rufino corner Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village, Makati City, Philippines



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Manok Ventura  (b. 1979)

Pillar 1
signed and dated 2012 (lower right)
oil on canvas
18” x 24” (46 cm x 61 cm)

PHP 8,000

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While definitely not into the architectural photographer’s rationale, Manok Ventura’s works are a quiet plea against the stark contrast against the frenetic pace of new construction developments taking place around us today, an analogy for the steadfast existence of an iconic, historic structure – corresponding to Manok’s enduring walls that have borne the test of time.

One cannot look at Manok Ventura’s art and artistic explorations as if the viewer is a part of a shared experience. Ventura would create the works with or without any audience, it seems, for they are a combination of two elements: the way he views the world and the attempt to articulate that view and transfer it to canvas, sculpture or installation, or any other creation. Rather than documenting a snapshot overview of environments, or plucking at sections of scenes and combinations of items, he is turning to micro aspects that allow him to display his artistic style with ease , a search for a more tangible authenticity based on details within individual objects. The architectural details may come from any old city’s most illustrious monuments, boasting a venerable, august history. Shape is of less importance than wear and tear, while colours are muted and true.
Its continued survival, quite unlike the reshaping of the city’s urban fabric, offers a telling counterpoint to the artist’s preoccupation with the concrete: the slow, unhurried life-cycle of fabrication, evolution and maturation that his walls and his materials are subject to.

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