Lot #015

Alfredo Carmelo

Manolo Vazquez, En Una Gaonera
signed (lower right)
oil on canvas
24” x 20” (61 cm x 51 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 40,000
HP + BP : Php 93,440
Beyond the easel of Alfredo Carmelo laid the fiery arena of danger, drama, and the cheating of death amid all the sensuous romanticism offered by a real bullfight. His palette cum choice of colors pulses with the spectrum by which he sought to capture the thrill of the traditional yet eternally controversial Spanish sport.
Carmelo conjures the enthralling surge of drama and emotion, all fire and spirit, making for a sharp break from his eternal fleet of sails. He also captures the subtle play of light and shadow amid the bright sparks of the red in the toreador’s vest and the peacock blue and pink of the cloak. Danger is symbolized by the near gunmetal gray of the bull’s curving horn.