Lot #035

Sofronio Y Mendoza

signed and dated 1973 (upper right)
oil on canvas
14” x 18” (36 cm x 46 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 50,000
Provenance Private Collection, Manila
In 1970, a quiet revolt against “modern art” was launched in the Manila art scene by a group of painters who called themselves the Dimasalang Group, who would have Romulo Galicano and his teacher, Sofronio Y Mendoza, or SYM, as the most prominent members. The avant-garde of the 1970s looked at their art with derision because of the photo-realistic quality of their works. Yet the Dimasalang group was an instant success. Here, the softly gestural brushworks in the depiction of the shanties make SYM’s work stops short at looking photographic.