Lot #013

Brian Uhing

a.) Mask 1 b.) Mask 2 c.) Mask 3
a.) signed and dated 2006 (verso) b.) signed and dated 2006 (verso) c.) signed and dated 2006 (verso)
glazed terracota
a.) H:7” x L:5” (18 cm x 13 cm) b.) H:6” x L:4 1/2” (15 cm x 11 cm) c.) H:6 1/2” x L:5” (17 cm x 13 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 60,000
HP + BP : Php 105,120
Provenance Private Collection, Manila
Like relics from the Greco-Roman period, these sculptural works by Brian Uhing convey faces that had been worn by the passage of time. With sunken eyes and hollow cheeks, these masks wear the expression of world-weariness, if not submission to the vicissitudes of life. Treated with glaze, they make for a memento mori, veritable personifications of the vicissitudes of life.