Lot #011

Benedicto Cabrera

signed lower right
mixed media
12” x 9” (30 c cm)
Starting Bid : Php 300,000
HP + BP : Php 759,200
Provenance Private Collection, Manila
Sabel, in the eyes and brush of BenCab, has gone through many ethereal manifestations for almost half a century. While she may have gained an abstract quality in the later years, it is important to take note that Sabel was based on a breathing, living human figure. “Sabel is — or was I was told she died in 1972—a real, flesh and blood person,” the artist told eminent art critic Cid Reyes. “I used to see her in the streets of Bambang, scavenging around garbage cans… I thought she made a terrific image visually. I thought she made a terrific subject matter for my paintings.”