Lot #010

Jerry Elizalde Navarro

The Inscrutable East
signed and dated 1991 (left)
oil on canvas
37” x 18” (94 cm x 46 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 400,000
HP + BP : Php 759,200
Provenance A gift from the artist to the present owner
Clearly contoured shapes generally follow a left-right diagonal ascent, take a pictorial and visual respite to buoy up an ironically deflated but solid black spherical shape against a golden yellow background. The dark blue, light gray, and black shapes are abstracted human forms, and connect the three background panels. The blue shape near the left the bottom corner is a solid statement on peace; conversely, the dull tangerine on the left top, whose lower edge is in the process of dissolution, is a symbolic of an ideology with a cracking impact. Semiotically, this is a statement of a mysterious world unified by a transcedent humanity. — Paul Blanco Zafaralla