Lot #005

Augusto Albor

a.) Nude 1 b.) Nude 2 c.) Nude 3
a.) signed and dated 2006 (lower right) b.) signed and dated 2006 (lower left) c.) signed and dated 2006 (lower right)
mixed media (each)
15 1/2” x 12 1/2” (39 cm x 31 cm) each
Starting Bid : Php 30,000
HP + BP : Php 40,880
Provenance Private Collection, Manila
Apart from the minimalist yet tough, ‘beton brut’ sensibility of his abstractions, Augusto Albor reveals a different, softer side of his art when he goes figurative via the female nudes. Hard edges and flat passages of the abstract give way to the rounder modeling of the nude.
The revelations of the energy of life as shown by its sensual qualities are made manifest in this work of Gus Albor.
The nudes themselves are not ponderous but light and transparent living subjects, anatomical configurations of living, breathing light as it strikes sensuous flesh.
The elaborate poses of Albor’s models seem casually thought to display their ample charms to the viewer.
Despite the aggressive modernity of the presentation, the figures have the visual weight and balance of antique figurative sculptures.