Lot #037
Round Table With Marble Top
3rd Quarter of the 19th Century
Narra and Marble
H:30” x D:35” (76 cm x 89 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 300,000
HP + BP : Php 397,120
Provenance Private Collection, Manila
Marble-topped tables were always status symbols in upper class homes. This was because the tops were imported, usually from China. The diameter of the top and the complexity of the carving on the base added to the status of the owner. The bigger the marble top and the more elaborate the carving on the base, the higher was the status awarded to its owner. Looked upon with awe and envy were large marble tables that had several moldings and grooves running around the rim.
The table shown here has a marble top with a molding around the edge and a pair of grooved moldings running around the border of its top. It has a narra baluster leg ending in three scrolled legs with paw feet. Its shaft, carved with an unopened bunch of acanthus leaves tied at the neck with a pair of slim moldings, has a ring below it carved to resemble a bracelet with a series of oval beads nestled on concave ovals that are joined together by a wide, half-round molding. The legs, attached to a drum at the bottom of the baluster, are appliqued with four slats between each leg to relieve the monotony of the flat surface.
The three legs of the table are in the form of S-shaped foliate scrolls attached to the cylindrical base of the pedestal. From the bottom of each scroll emerges a lion’s paw that ends in paw feet grasping a flattened ball.
-Martin I. Tinio, Jr.