Lot #034

Onib Olmedo

signed and dated 1990 (lower right)
pastel on paper
22” x 28” (56 cm x 71 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 120,000
HP + BP : Php 140,160
Authenticity This piece is accompanied by a certificate issued by Gisella Olmedo - Araneta confirming the authenticity of this lot.
Onib Olmedo’s oeuvre draws from dark and dramatic realms of fantasy nightmare. They consist of pictures which normally find no place in commissioned works.
The figurative-expressionist feeling in Olmedo’s painting is fused with an absorbing interest in forms. Since the artist is not concerned with singular external appearances, he composes his figures not only on the surface, laterally but also in the depiction of various depths.
Which is why the figures — faces and hands — interpenetrate one another, thus creating the effect of wraithlike apparitions, familiar yet unfamiliar. And unpredictable, marked by shifting of surfaces and forms. Winds of feeling blow within, twisting and warping the figures writhing in a private hell.