Lot #003

Federico Aguilar Alcuaz

signed and dated 1978 (lower right)
oil on canvas
13” x 11” (33 cm x 28 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 50,000
HP + BP : Php 175,200
Authenticity This piece is accompanied by a certificate issued by Mr. Christian Aguilar confirming the authenticity of this lot.
Provenance Private Collection, Manila
This work does away with the layered, gestural brushwork of Abstract Expressionism.
Like some children drew on the spot it seems as simple as a blue blob. As with so many of his works, it appears abstract, but his title encourages viewers to go beyond what is immediately seen.
If the word “expression” suggests a certain slapdash character, this was very far from the case for this work. As with so many of his masterpieces, it appears merely abstract, but his title encourages reality viewers to look deeper. A deceptively simple work like this offers food for hours of thought.