Lot #024

Benedicto Cabrera

Mother and Child
bronze 19/20
H:8 1/2” x L:13 1/2” x W:6 1/2” (22 cm x 34 cm x 17 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 140,000
Provenance Private Collection, Manila
The theme of mother and child can be traced to the depictions of Mother Mary and Jesus from the Medieval period, blossoming fully during the Renaissance, particularly through the works of Raphael. In the Philippines, it has continued to be an enduring subject matter because of our deep Catholic roots. BenCab interprets the image through a sculptural creation of unadorned majesty. Giving it a distinct Filipino feel, the National Artist shows a mother cradling her child close to her body in a protective embrace. There is a continuity that connects her dress to the cloth that swaddles the child — a metaphor of their bond. Its poetic expression in metal delivers a three-dimensional presence to this theme celebrated by a long list of artists from different times.