Lot #021

Ferdie Montemayor

Calle II
signed and dated 2009 (lower right)
acrylic on canvas
36” x 24” (91 cm x 61 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 80,000
HP + BP : Php 140,160
In Montemayor’s painting, the visual elements are not mere groupings of random lines. For one, they are highly cohesive, seemingly possessed by a common force in the contagion of pressing entities. One can identify the abstracted electric post and infinitesimal tangling of electric cables. A slum area made elegantly ephemeral.

As in our familiar experience with crowds, in the teeming energies of public places, the artist is keenly aware that in public situations our masses do not strive to maintain, consciously or subconsciously, a minimum spatial distance between tell tale entities. Think of a random clustering of linear energies that gather round a spatial core. The clusters seem very tightly bound by illogical gravities, which give them their unusual collective shapes and relatively high visual densities toward the center.

Thus his paintings convey an immensely organic, uninhibited clustering of visual elements that lends itself very well to depicting great commingling masses even if people are not depicted.
For Montemayor's art springs from an urban point of view, a knack inherent to a city habitué’s keen powers of observation combined with an artist's soul.