Lot #011

a.) Romulo Olazo b.) Cesar Legaspi

a.) Nude 1 b.) Nude 2
signed and dated 1978 (lower right) each
charcoal on paper each
21 1/2” x 15” (55 cm x 38 cm) each
Starting Bid : Php 120,000
Provenance Private Collection, Manila
National Artist Cesar Legaspi and Master of abstraction Romulo Olazo fostered one of the most well-known friendships in the art world, exhibiting together with their other close friends, Ang Kiukok and Malang, in the annual show, Four Masters, Four Worlds, held at Finale Art File for a decade. (The show ended upon Legaspi’s death.) It’s no surprise that Legaspi and Olazo attended the same painting sessions and may have painted these works at the same time. There is a remarkable resemblance between the two figures (look at the bodily proportions) but their poses are different: while Olazo’s nude stands up, her arms at her back, Legaspi’s muse has her legs bent by the pelvis as she props herself by her two hands. There’s a certain coyness to both of the depictions, which may have been the personality of the model drawn in her prime almost 40 years ago and, because of these works by the masters, has become immortal.