Lot #007

Oscar Zalameda

signed (lower right)
oil on canvas
30” x 36” (76 cm x 91 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 240,000
HP + BP : Php 525,600
One of the most recognized names in modern Philippine art is Oscar Zalameda. The iconic modernist has forged an alluring brand of cubism that melds a myriad of stylistic approaches into a powerful, distinctive brand all his own.
A very well-travelled artist, there is a superb academic character to Zalameda’s art. Although a very Western — more so, European — quality pervades his work, his very Filipino choice of subject shines through. The amalgam of Zalameda’s international worldview and Filipino sensibilities has allowed the highly regarded artist to concoct such a powerful, and captivating style.
As in this very piece by Zalameda, hints of neoplasticism dictate the stark background, while an intelligible approach to his colors and figures lay his Filipino cast of characters at the fore of the composition. Eloquent in his execution, Zalameda puts on display his stylized predilections in this brilliant piece.