Lot #036

Roberto Chabet

dated ca.1970
oil on canvas
20” x 20” (51 cm x 51 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 600,000
HP + BP : Php 2,219,200
Authenticity This piece is accompanied by a certificate issued by King Kong Art Projects Unlimited confirming the authenticity of this lot
Provenance Private Collection, USA
Chabet’s paintings are not marked by any style reminiscent of his predecessors — they have their own singular character. Chabet had a deconstructive wit that was his own personal climate. They possessed a personality that persisted throughout, and it came with a mastery of technique, a freshness of approach and a tone of authority.
He composes blocks and seemingly fractured planes and arranges them as entities to tense up the surface. The ‘objects’ are stripped of their conventional legibility and fashioned into visual by the rhythms and patterns of geometric strokes. The overall arrangement draws out both their physical relationship with one another and the underlying continuum of meanings hinted by each block.
The toned down colors of the blocks cum planes — olive green, yellow, and burnt ochre, yellow, blue — are overlaid on lines weaving in and out of translucent color planes. Lines and colors are both native to Chabet’s temperament and he seesaws between the two.
In paintings such as this Chabet posits his reaction against intuitive, emotional works of Zobel and Joya by disciplining his forms into more coherent, analytical structures.