Lot #003

Isabel Diaz

Splendid Beauty
signed dated 2016 (lower left)
oil on canvas
41” x 41” (104 cm x 104 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 140,000
HP + BP : Php 443,840
Provenance Galleria Duemila
People have been painting flowers for as long as people have been doing art. The painting of flowers has become common place not only because of the subject’s beauty and color, but also because the flower provides the perfect metaphor for the vibrancy of our own lives.

In the hands of Isabel Diaz, flower painting is an art of such multilayered, nuanced pleasure, a comforting counterpoint to the high minded rigors of abstract painting, or the political urgencies of social realism, and others. Flower paintings are glossy mirrors that not only reflected the erudite botanical data but provided discreetly sensuous cornucopias for the discerning eye.
The rest is an amorphous array of lush, overlapping textures of foliage.