Lot #006

Impy Pilapil

Visual Clues
signed and dated 1987 (lower right)
Mixed Media
32” x 24” (81 cm x 61 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 10,000
HP + BP : Php 14,016
Multi award-winning artist Impy Pilapil is among the foremost abstractionists in Philippine Art. A multifaceted artist, Pilapil has worked with various media through an assortment of means concocting a marvelous array of paintings and sculptures.
This very work by the renowned artist puts on display her penchant for experimentation. Playing with three-dimensional concepts, Pilapil infuses in this work a dynamic character — a living essence in her minimalist abstract creations. This work is from 1987, a year after her ‘Paper, Glass and Metal’ show at the Museum of Philippine Art.