Lot #032

Tony Mahilum

signed and dated 1990 (lower left)
Oil On Canvas
32” x 48” (81 cm x 122 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 120,000
HP + BP : Php 233,600
In modern art, the idyllic Philippine folk genre has met numerous hands. With intent far from that of the Amorsolo School’s popularized classical ideology, the stylized approaches that have spawned from the more modernist predilections have forged some of the most fascinating and alluring bodies of work.
One of the most notable artists to have done such so uniquely is Tony Mahilum. A landscape artist of sorts, Mahilum casts numerous people into his settings, ever brilliantly doing so with a gleeful undertone and sunny atmosphere. The utopic world borne of his canvas, radiant and reminiscent of communal Filipino heritage.
As can be seen in this work by the renowned artist, there is a gleam of delight in the populace. The very setting harking back to prewar Manila, the humble essence of Mahilum’s subjects of choice boast of a timeless elegance — a vibrance in his composition, a potent allure in its adherence to classical realist predilections…with his own twist, of course.