Lot #027

Mesa Altar

18th Century
Balayong, Narra, Lanite And Kamagong
H:34 1/4” x L:47 1/2” x W:28” (87 cm x 121 cm x 71 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 400,000
HP + BP : Php 876,000
Provenance Batangas
This balayong altar table with two drawers is an 18th century version of those made in the Ming Style that first appeared in the previous century. It stands on four S-shaped block or ogee feet supporting a platform made of a wide plank carved with a cyma molding on the outer edges. Resting on the corners of the platform on bun feet are Ming Style cabriole legs with the curves of their legs becoming lateral ogees that swing to form the cusped arches of the aprons that run around the sides and front.
The lower carcass frame that forms the drawer support is carved in front and at the sides with a convex molding flanked by concave ones on either side. The vertical grooved members on either side and between the drawers are edged with molding and inlaid in the middle with two vertical lines composed of kamagong and lanite. Attached to the sides of the table, both in front and at the back, are flanges that taper towards the bottom and are jigsaw-outlined with ogive curves and cusps that form serrated crenulated edges.
The mesa altar’s two drawers each have a kamagong turned drawer pull and a keyhole appliquéd with an oval brass surround. The drawer faces are bordered with a kamagong and lanite line-inlaid rectangle having quadrant corners and a semicircle below the keyhole.
The top of the side table is made of a wide balayong floating panel miter-framed, binandeja-style, with planks of wood carved with cymatium moldings on the outer edges.
-Martin I. Tinio, Jr.