Lot #017

Vicente Reyes

Muslim Wedding
signed and dated 1996 (lower left)
Oil On Canvas
34” x 54 1/2” (87 cm x 138 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 200,000
HP + BP : Php 373,760
Provenance Private Collection, Makati City
Vicente Reyes makes use of his own Filipino modernist idiom reflecting Philippine folk aesthetics, customs, and traditions. He evokes a visual antithesis to Philippine gatherings and celebrations, by way of portraying a wedding ceremony. The work is characterized by sustained vigor as in the choice of, and bodily positions of musicians, unifying all in a centralized narrative scheme.
The married couple comprise the central figures. Reyes drew his figures with a frieze-like effect, yet with a slight modeling of form. There are hints of Carlos Botong Francisco’s animated sense of ‘horror vacui,’ but Reyes makes use of bolder lines and a more spontaneous, and less mannered approach. His choice of colors add to the decorative quality.
Vicente Reyes reflects a sensitive eye for composition, the tropical sense of color and a loyalty to indigenous values.
This very work has a mural-like excess of detail, but the dynamic motion conjured by the colorful, billowing fabrics control each object and figure, and by concentration Reyes manages to retain which amid such diversity — total coherence throughout his composition. The wide areas of blues, and magentas are accentuated by details of purple and yellow ochre. The color scheme provides a strong sensual appeal that does not detract from the painting’s solemn yet festive intent.
Vicente Reyes is a self-taught painter who only began painting after his retirement from architectural practice. Having graduated from architecture in 1957, he worked with the likes of Architects Leandro Locsin, Juan Nakpil and Antonio Sindiong. His exposure to the projects of such big name architects may have had an influence to his mural-like works.