Lot #014

Roger San Miguel

Flores de Mayo
signed (lower right)
Oil On Canvas
45” x 180” (114 cm x 457 cm)
Starting Bid : Php 120,000
HP + BP : Php 817,600
Often dubbed as the ‘Father of Filipino Impressionism’, Roger San Miguel’s oeuvre has hosted a myriad of styles and themes — boasting of a versatility and adeptness that stretches beyond his moniker.
Initially creating realist works that adhered to the conservative Amorsolo School’s tenants, the multi-talented artist was not to be bound by a single genre. In the progression of his work and residence along Mabini, San Miguel’s predilections had evolved over time, and his conservative leanings veered towards neo-realism and figurative expressionism.
San Miguel’s work bears a supreme enigmatic quality that sets it apart. The visual splendor borne from his creations flaunts an alluring lightness. From his conservative works to his abstracts, the strong Filipino character imbued into his pieces speaks of the renowned artist’s creative genius; more so his proficiency with the variety of styles he chooses to work in.
The modest San Miguel has put forth his aesthetically adventurous nature through his body of work. Uncompromisingly vocal at times with his art, San Miguel embodies the personification of a quintessential artist.
The artist’s expansive clientele and following are comprised of people from all walks of life. Both local and international collectors have taken a liking to his artistry — from his peers, to tourists, even gallery owners and interior designers. His interplay of themes and brilliant execution, all marvelous displays of his very Filipino visual dialect.
This very work by the revered modern, of near mural-like proportions, is one of his most stately creations. Having once adorned one of the grand hotels of Old Manila, this palatial piece truly captures the potency of San Miguel’s art — an ode of sorts to Philippine heritage and culture.